European Union – supports the project “Cycling for Public Benefit” that allows the Association to conduct systematic work in Kyiv and actively support cycling activists and local authorities in other cities of Ukraine. Contents of the Association not reflect the official position of the European Union.




European Cycling Federation (ECF) – supports the work of the Association in Kyiv, provides consulting and expertise both in cycling transport policy and organizational development of Association for its strengthening.









Heinrich Böll Foundation – the Ukrainian branch of the German Foundation has supported VeloForum Conference, European Mobility Week, BikeCamp and other projects.









GIZ – German Society for International Cooperation – assisted us at VeloForum Conference, START project, work of Cycling InfoCenter (, provides consulting support to the Association at the city level.





EVERLEGAL - company that provides free consultations for Kyiv Cyclist’s Association on issuses relating to the objectives of the Association, in particular, the analysis and the development of regulations related to cycling; implementation at the national level of funding cycling infrastructure development programs; legal regulation of the establishment of tools to make bicycle parking (“bicycle parking”), and so on.




Strela – creative agency, whose staff created for us a social advertising “Kyiv – cycling city” for free, it’s about Bohdan Khmelnytsky on the horse with a bicycle.






ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Ukraine – ITS Ukraine aims to establish contact between Ukrainian and foreign companies and organizations in the area of transport technologies to support them and promote their activities. The goal is to promote the use of intelligent transport systems (ITS) in Ukraine.






Veloobozrevatel – special project of the online edition of “Obozrevatel” latest cycling trends and the news.

інші цікаві матеріали

Cyclists in Kyiv have become 40% more during a year, according to the results of the last counting of cyclists in the capital in the

On February, 8 Kyiv City Council approved the Kyiv Cycling Concept, developed with the support of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association. The main expected result of the

On October 17, the winning company EVERLEGAL became known at the awarding ceremony of the competition Cycling-Friendly Employer 2017. This contest is held among the Kyiv