Resent annual statistics of road accidents in Kyiv brought good tidings: that is the first year to pass with no lethal outcomes. Compared to 2014,

Spring Bike-to-Work Day with more than 300 participants took place on April, 28 at Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square). The event was initiated and organised by

Cyclists traditionally gathered for a breakfast with think alikes in the city center on the Bike to Work Day. It has been the second time

In 2015, the first complete cycling route was created in Kyiv, and the number of cyclists has increased: we invite you to have a look

On June 18, Summer Bike to Work Day took place in Kyiv, which is the third event of this kind in Ukrainian capital. We went from

On June, 18, 2015, Ukraine celebrates Summer “Bike to work Day” with the goal to bring attention to urban cycling and the necessity of creating

Spring Bike To Work Day took place in 8 Ukrainian cities on April 8th. It was also a huge success in Kyiv. On April 16,

The Single parking space development concept, adopted by Kyiv City Council, involves the arrangement of free parking spots for scooters and bicycles in all parking

Members of Kyiv City Council have voted for the 2015 budget that includes 15 million UAH (ca. 0,5 million euro) on cycling infrastructure. We are

A cycling infrastructure planning guide has been released in Ukraine. The guide instructs on how to create such an infrastructure from scratch. It is based