Anastasia Makarenko

Executive director

friends {at}

+38 097 119 11 42


Maryna Bludsha

Media Coordinator

media {at}

+38 097 793 05 69


Office Address:

U-Cycle (NGO Kyiv Cyclists’ Association)

Borysa Hrinchenka Street, 9, office 23 and 29

Post Address:

Khreschatyk, 26

01001 Kyiv, Ukraine


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інші цікаві матеріали

We have a new name: U-Cycle. This is a great moment, as you have known us as Kyiv Cyclists’ Association for 11 years. We did

uring 2018 Kyiv Cyclists’ Association was implementing ‘Green Light for Cycling in Hromadas’ project in amalhamated hromadas of Ukraine with support of U-LEAD with Europe

The first in history state standards for bicycle infrastructure (ДСТУ) have been developed by M.P. Shulgin National Road Science and Research Institute. It is the