Kyiv Cyclists’ Association

Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK) is a non-profit, non-partisan member organization that works to strengthen the voice of current and potential cyclists and to promote cycling as a sustainable, safe and fun urban transportation. AVK works either in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. We actively cooperate with NGOs, cycling activists and city councils in other Ukrainian cities as well as cycling advocates in wider Europe.

 Main areas of work:

  • advocacy in Kyiv (control over street reconstructions, maintenance of existing cycling infrastructure, development of cycling plans for Kyiv districts etc)
  • advocacy at the national level (revision of cycling-related legislation, capacity-building in city councils and local NGOs on cycling, sharing knowledge and best practices on infrastructure development and promotion of cycling)
  • building public demand for urban cycling (Bike Mentor Program, annual cycling-friendly employer award, bicycle rides and events in Kyiv and support in other cities)

Structure of the organization:

  • over 500 members since 2013
  • Board (Head of the Board + 5 Board Members)
  • 9 staff members: Executive Director, Kyiv Coordinator, National Policy Coordinator, Media Coordinator, Office Assistant, Partners Coordinator, Members and Volonteers Coordinator, SMM Coordinator, Coordinator of Project ‘Green Light for Cycling in Hromadas’
  • over 100 active volunteers

Main projects:

Main achievements:

  • AVK activists developed Kyiv Cycling Program 2009-2012 that was approved by the City Council in 2008.
  • In 2011 AVK initiated START project – development of coherent cycling infrastructure in a pilot neighborhood of Kyiv. In 2013 we helped to establish a working group and to attract foreign expertise to develop the concept document that contains a map of cycling routes and promotion activities. The concept is pending approval of the city council.
  • In 2011-2013 AVK was the main organizer of the annual International Veloforum Conference, raised representation and overall quality of the event. The conference became local VeloCity, Ukrainian cities are competing for hosting the event.
  • First bike paths were constructed in Kyiv due to AVK’s persistence. They attracted attention of a wider audience to the problems of cycling infrastructure in the city.
  • In 2012, AVK launched Ukrainian Centre for Cycling Expertise, an information hub accumulating all cycling-related documents and best practices useful for municipalities, traffic engineers and everyone interested in the promotion of cycling.
  • In partnership with other organizations, AVK offers legal and moral support to cyclists injured in road accidents.
  • In 2013, AVK has launched the first social advertising campaign in Kyiv to raise awareness about cycling. In 2014, we extended the campaign and mostly focused on driver’s behavior.
  • In 2014 Kyiv City Administration has appointed the Cycling Officer in Kyiv whose main task will be the development of the urban cycling in the city. This position has been created according to the demands of Kyiv Cyclists Association.
  • In 2015 a cycling infrastructure planning guide ‘Comfortable city: Ho to plan cycling infrastructure’ has been released in Ukraine by Kyiv Cyclists’ Association.
  • In 2016 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 11 cities of Ukraine united in Ukrainian Cycling Network, which was presented at Veloforum 2016 in Kharkiv.
  • In 2017 the Kyiv City Council approved the Kyiv Development Strategy until 2025, which consolidates new priorities for transport policy and mobility in the city. Kyiv Cyclists’ Association was one of the key developers of the transport block in the Kyiv Development Strategy until 2025.
  • On February, 8 Kyiv City Council approved the Kyiv Cycling Concept, developed with the support of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association.
  • In 2018 cyclists in Kyiv have become 40% more during a year, according to the results of the last counting of cyclists in the capital in the spring of 2018. In 2018, Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (KCA) continued counting cyclists in the capital of Ukraine.

Major partners and donors:


Anastasia Makarenko

Executive Director

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Kyiv Cyclists’ Association

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We have a new name: U-Cycle. This is a great moment, as you have known us as Kyiv Cyclists’ Association for 11 years. We did

uring 2018 Kyiv Cyclists’ Association was implementing ‘Green Light for Cycling in Hromadas’ project in amalhamated hromadas of Ukraine with support of U-LEAD with Europe

The first in history state standards for bicycle infrastructure (ДСТУ) have been developed by M.P. Shulgin National Road Science and Research Institute. It is the