uring 2018 Kyiv Cyclists’ Association was implementing ‘Green Light for Cycling in Hromadas’ project in amalhamated hromadas of Ukraine with support of U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

An overall project goal was to improve attitude of communities to cycling as economic, sustainable and attractive mode of daily mobility. You can know about project in this 3-min video:



Kyiv Cyclists’ Association: At the stage of selecting hromadas for various project activities, it was clear that not all hromadas understand the potential of cycling, what problems it can solve and why it is generally beneficial for the community. It should become a topic in the context of related fields, e.g., mobility, public health, road safety, budget savings etc.

Cycling promo tour

The official launching of the project was marked with promo cycling tour. On June 9, 2018 Korostyshiv hromada in Zhytomyr oblast hosted the promo tour. Gennadiy Zubko, Minister of Regional Development, Berend de Groot, Head of EU Cooperation in Ukraine, representatives of donors supporting decentralization reform in Ukraine, majors, U-LEAD programme staff and hromada representatives participated in the tour. Estimated overall number of participants was over 400.


Local hromadas, decision-makers, representatives of EU and media joined to this tour. It aimed at raising awareness of the opportunities of local self-governance and the joint efforts of the Government of Ukraine, local and regional authorities and the EU to making life of people living in AH better.


Bike to School Campaign (B2S)

The main goal of Bike to School Campaign (B2S) is to change the attitude towards the bicycle, it aims at helping to create the image of the bicycle as an element of an active modern lifestyle that encourages children’s independence.


This project component includes hard and soft measures in at least 5 hromadas. Each school and hromada that participates in the activity gets bike racks at one of the schools, safe cycling classes for children 14+, training for trainers on cycling safety to ensure sustainability of the results and various visibility items for cyclists: road safety leaflets, reflective bracelets, bike lights, bike rings, reflective bags covers. A small stock of similar items is left with future local Bike Mentors for their Safe Cycling classes.


As part of infrastructure component of B2S, Kyiv Cyclists’ Association installed 21 bike racks that cover 294 bike parking places in 5 schools of 5 hromadas: Korukivska, Nova Borova, Yakushenetska, Lohvytska, Korostyshivska AH. Installation of bike racks at Bilozirska hromada is pending.


Safe Cycling classes were held in 5 hromadas: Yakushynetska, Koryukivska, Lokhvytska, Korostyshivska and Bilozirska hromadas. Safe Cycling Classes include theoretical and practical part. During the theoretical part children learned the essential traffic rules for a cyclist. Practical part included rides around hromada together with the Bike Mentors. A short video about safe Cycling classes is available at: https://youtu.be/-e3G5TSrmKM

In order to ensure sustainability of the teaching process 13 Local Bike Mentors were trained. Based on the experience in all hromadas the project team prepared a set of methodological guides:

  1. a guide for bike mentors in any other hromada that would like to run safe cycling classes. It is available at: https://goo.gl/DGGsH7

  2. 10 videos about road safety, that can be used as part of Safe cycling classes: https://goo.gl/zjdaZ6


As part of the promotion of B2S campaign the project has “Share the Road” social advertizing campaign. It includes posters promoting safe behavior among drivers and cyclists. Hromadas received printed promo materials and recommendation for holding a promo campaign.

Planning of cycling network

Two days participatory workshops with network planning expert were at Korostyshivska, Yakushinetska, Koryukivska, Pyryatynska, Lokhvytska AH. With the guidance of the expert, representatives of local authorities, locals, local cyclists’ community, identified the trip sources and destinations, problem areas on the streets or other issues with biking or other transport. As a result of workshops the cycling concepts that include the cycling network, potential places for bike racks, planned promotional activities for cycling have been developed. Results of participatory workshops help hromadas to develop the cycling route networks of hromadas. A short video about the workshops and cycling network planning is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eppUz1YG5Zc


All hromadas approved the final version of cycling concepts and received the printed versions.

Cycling concepts of hromadas:

Korostyshivska AH https://goo.gl/cMo5Qd

Yakushinetska AH https://goo.gl/yvuEXD

Koryukivska AH https://goo.gl/Qe5TjT

Pyryatynska AH https://goo.gl/DeqxRA

Lokhvytska AH https://goo.gl/AMrXvU


At the end of the project, the project team saw an opportunity to fill the need of hromada representatives to improve their technical capacity to plan and deliver cycling infrastructure projects. Technical training on street design and procurement of street design services covered basic issues of road safety, types of cycling infrastructure, drafting terms of references for street renovation projects etc. A road safety expert and a traffic engineer delivered the training. The training is meant to help with the implementation of cycling concepts in AH’s. Korostyshivska, Mezhivska, Dunaevetska, Berestivska, Nizhenska AH participated in training.

Adapting guidelines for cycling infrastructure

Kyiv Cyclists’ Association comissioned development of a national design standard for planning and designing cycling infrastructure. The document will be of help to traffic engineers who will work on the design of streets in hromadas. The document includes guidelines on planning cycling network, how to choose appropriate type of cycling infrastructure for different types of streets, recommendations for design of intersections, safe crossings, etc. The sub-contractor is a state research institute DerzhDorNDI who develops many road and street-related national norms and standards.


The final version of the standard is to be submitted to the National Standardization Body early March 2019 the latest. It is estimated that the National Standardization Body requires 5-6 months to check all cross-references to other standards and documents, verify the procedure of the document development and to ensure that the text itself meets standards and requirements to this type of documents. Upon completion of these steps the guidelines are to be listed as a national standard. The guidelines will be mentioned in the national norms B.2.3-5-2018 “Urban streets and roads” during the next revision of the document. This will make the guidelines mandatory for use during planning and designing of cycling infrastructure in Ukraine.

European Mobility Week

Kyiv Cyclists’ Association also supported Ukrainian hromadas in celebrating European Mobility Week (Sept 16-22). Running European Mobility Week in hromadas was organized as a small grant programme to raise their capacity to plan, implement and report activities.


11 applications with the highest total number of points were selected from 47 applications for funding within EMW-2018 Contest: Krasylivska, Slavska, Novopskovska, Perechynska, Radyvylivska, Mykovaivska, Pomichyanska, Satanivska, Vytvytska, Cherkaska, Volodymyrivska AH. The winners are from 10 regions of Ukraine (Dnipropetrovska, Donetska, Zakarpatska, Ivano-Frankivska, Kirovogradska, Luganska, Lvivska, Mykolaivska, Rivnenska, Khmelnytska oblast) and represent all parts of Ukraine. Finally, 7 winners represent AHs and 4 winners represent NGOs. Each of them has win a grant of 60 000 hryvnas for organization of European Mobility Week.


As part of European Mobility Week (September 16-22, 2018) all grantees planned a lot of activities in their AHs such as promotion of sustainable transport (Bike to Work, Car-Free Day, bike tours, different excursions), activities with youth and students, round tables and seminars, printing promotional materials etc.

Networking and capacity building at Veloforum

On October 5-7, 2018, 26 representatives of hromadas  attended the international cycling conference Veloforum in Ivano-Frankivsk. A cycling tour, a workshop and site visits for decision-makers of hromadas were organised during Veloforum. Brief video about Veloforum-2018 is available here: https://goo.gl/E7RhR1


The conference had a separate section dedicated to ‘Green light for cycling in hromadas’ project. We presented project components and how they can be replicated in other hromadas, winners of EMW-2018 Contest presented their activities and conclusions for the European Mobility Week. On  panel discussion ‘Future of cycling in hromadas: infrastraction and promotion’ hromadas that take part in Bike to School activities and participatory planning of cycling network share their experience and lessons learnt with other participants from hromadas and everyone interested. A speaker from Slovakia Vera Stupakova talked about their experience of cycling promotion and integration into smaller Slovak communities (Presov case).

Extra activities

As an additional opportunity for cycling promotion, all 17 AH’s that participated in the project received rights to run one public screening of ‘Bikes VS Cars’ documentary film, that shows bicycle as an amazing tool for changes.

Six hromadas that participated in ‘Bike to school’ and participatory planning of cycling network activities each received additional 3 bicycles for the purposes of hromadas.

Ksenia Semenova, coordinator of  ’Green Light for Cycling in Hromadas’ project:

Most hromadas that participated in the project were aware of their cycling levels and that having a possibility to cycle is a good thing for the community. Upon hearing about various benefits of cycling for hromada, their representatives were eager to explore opportunities and tools for cycling infrastructure and promotion.

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The activities of the project had a large coverage in local and national media.

Example: UA TV English about B2S in Korostyshivska hromada


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