Cyclists in Kyiv have become 40% more during a year, according to the results of the last counting of cyclists in the capital in the spring of 2018.

On working days, 40% more cyclists were registered on the streets of Kyiv than in the summer of 2017 and on weekend, this increase was 32%.


In 2018, Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (KCA) continued counting cyclists in the capital. The calculation allows to find out the dynamics of the number of bicycle users in 2018, compared with 2017 and previous years. With the help of this counting, it is also possible to determine where the cyclists go, whether they wear helmets, how many of them move on sidewalks, in which clothes they travel and how many of them are women.

Amount and dynamics 

In the spring of 2018, at the main intersections of Kyiv, KCA counted 3089 cyclists on a working day and 2984 cyclists on a weekend day.

This year, 2 new points were added to the calculation, but for the correct comparison with the spring of last year, we will take data without them. Accordingly, this year, 2918 cyclists on weekdays and 2854 cyclists on a day off were counted at 20 intersections. This is the maximum number in the entire counting history, starting in 2014.

Compared to last year, the dynamics are positive on both days: on weekdays, the number of cyclists traveled to 20 intersections increased by 40% (from 2082 to 2918), and at weekends by 32% (from 2157 to 2854).

“40% increase is the absolute record for the weekday and the record for five years of counting cyclists in Kyiv. Such an increase in the number of bicycle users in the capital is very pleasing to us, and we are sure that this is promoted by our promotional and advocacy work, as well as the activity of all bicycle initiatives of Kyiv. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that part of this surge was due to other factors, including weather. After all, the end of May was very warm and sunny in Kyiv: at the end of the month, when we were counting, the temperature rose to + 20-25°С”, Kyiv Cyclists’ Association comment on the data.


The balance of cyclists between weekdays and the weekend is only 8% in favor of the weekday. In the spring of 2017, on the contrary, we counted 4% more cyclists on a day off than on weekdays. This is a rather small difference, and it suggests that there is a tendency to commute by bike from point A to point B on weekdays.

Gender proportion

In the spring, on a weekday, 14% of women and 86% of men were seen at counting points; on a day off the women became traditionally more – 21% among all users of a bicycle, and men, respectively, 79%. Compared to the spring of last year, we observe a slight but positive dynamics: the share of women in general has increased by 2% (in 2017, 12% of women cyclists were registered on weekdays and 19% on weekends).

In the spring of 2018, most women were seen on Troyeshchynskyi cycle route, at the crossroads of Saburov and Balzac str.; during 2 evening hours of the week, 74 women cyclists traveled there. In comparison, in the spring of 2017, only 33 women cyclists were counted on this point.


Movement on the sidewalks

The calculation allowed to find that in May 2018, 39% of cyclists were moving on the road, and 61% on the sidewalk on a weekday. On a day off, the proportions vary a bit: 32% go along the road and 68% on the sidewalk. It is obvious that on the day off the traffic on the sidewalks is more intense, because it is on weekends that more cyclists go out for recreational purposes. Among them, in turn, there may be a smaller proportion of experienced users who do not feel confident on the road.

The trend for an imbalance between those cyclists who choose to go on the road and on the sidewalk continues almost on the level of 2016 and is approximately 40% to 60% on weekdays and 30% to 70% on weekends. In Kyiv, only 30-40% of cyclists are on the road, since most of roads do not have safe and comfortable conditions for bike riding.

The most intensive movement on the sidewalk is fixed at the crossroads of Saburov and Balzac (cycle track), on the North (Moscow) Bridge and the Paton’s Bridge, as well as on Heroes of Stalingrad avenue in the area of the circle on Marshal Tymoshenko street.


Helmets and clothes

In the spring of 2018, roughly every fourth cyclist traveled in helmets: 26% on weekends and 25% on weekdays. The largest number of cyclists in the helmets was registered on the Pedestrian Bridge, on the North (Moscow) Bridge and on the Povitroflotsky Bridge. Compared to the spring of 2017, the share of cyclists in helmets on a weekday has not changed, and at the weekend increased from 23% to 26%. We must remind that a helmet for cyclists is not required by the Traffic Rules of Ukraine.

Most of Kyiv cyclists ride on mountain bikes (MTB); roadways are in second place in popularity. According to the volunteer’s observations, 50% of cyclists ride in sportswear and the other 50% are in comfortable casual clothes.


The most popular destinations

In the weekday and the weekend, the most popular points were the Moscow (Northern) Bridge and the intersection of the streets of Saburov and Balzac streets. The smallest number of cyclists traveled on the Square of Glory, at the intersection of Saksagansky and Leo Tolstoy streets, Malevich and Fedorov streets, Kyrylivska and Yurkivska streets.

Conditions of counting: May 2018

In 2018, it was already the second spring cycling calculation that was conducted on a weekday (May 16) and on a day off (May 12). The time for the calculations was chosen most peak: from 17 to 19 on a weekday (Wednesday) from 12 to 14 on the day off (Saturday). The days for counting were chosen with good weather. On Saturday, May 12, it was sunny and windy, + 20-22 ° С, and on Wednesday, May 16, it was cloudy with clearings, + 23-25 ° С.

Changes in methodology

In the spring of 2018, the KCA added 2 additional points to previously used 29: it was a crossroads of the streets of Syretska and Kyrylivska (Kurenivka) and the intersection of the streets of Glybochytska, Lower and Upper Vals and Vozdvyzhenska str. (entrance to Podil from the side of Lukianivka). We consider these points as strategic for measuring through the planned reconstruction of Glybochytska street and the order of cycling routes, approved in the Cycling Concept of Kyiv.

There were 110 cyclists on a weekday on Kurenivka and 77 cyclists on a day off. At the new point on Podol, 61 cyclists on a weekday and 53 ones on weekends were credited. In order to correctly compare the dynamics of the number of cyclists since the spring of last year, we do not consider cyclists at these new points, but we make a comparison of only 20 crossings that were in both calculations.

All other aspects of the methodology remained unchanged: the measurements are held annually in the spring (May) and in the autumn (September) on weekdays (17:00-19:00) and the weekend (12:00-14:00); currently, there are 22 points on the left and right banks of Kyiv.

The counting points are traditionally selected so that they are the points of entry to the city center from all major highways in order to reach as many cyclists as possible at the time they go to/from work. There are also several points of counting at the entrances to the parks (for example, Golosiyivsky, Muromets, etc.).


Who conducted

The calculation is carried out by volunteers of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association on their own, since the calculation requires attention to many details, and not just the fixation of traffic. Unfortunately, in Kyiv there are no cameras that could completely replace the work of our volunteers.

In the spring of 2018, 32 volunteers on weekdays and on weekends were counting cyclists passing by them for 2 hours. KCA is extremely grateful to the volunteers for their work and invites all those interested to follow the announcements and join the next counting in the fall of 2018.

Translated into English by Bogdan Derkach

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