The draft of Kyiv Cycling Concept, developed with the support of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association, has been published on the website of Kyiv City Government. The document is named strategically important for the city of Kyiv.

Kyiv Cyclists’ Association appeals to the representatives of Kyiv City Council, to force the approval of the Concept and to make the City of Kyiv comfortable for people, not only for cars.



Picture by Olga Tucha

The full text of the Kyiv Cycling Concept’s draft is available at

‘Kyiv Cycling Concept is based on the working documents of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association. In 2015, we started working on the first map of bicycle routes, engaging community members who used bicycles as an everyday transportation mode. We found a lot of foreign experience examples and resources, and based our recommendations on them’, says Ksenia Semenova, the policy advocacy coordinator of NGO Kyiv Cyclists’ Association in Kyiv and Advisor to the Kyiv City Mayor on cycling infrastructure development.


What is the Kyiv Cycling Concept?

It’s a sectoral concept of the municipal significance. It was developed to implement the tasks of the Kyiv Development Strategy 2025.
The Concept includes all necessary information for the development of cycling infrastructure in Kyiv. It contains recommendations for the improvement of the legal framework and of the system of cycling infrastructure management. The document contains a brief list of measures and events, which have already been realized in the city.

In 2016-2017, the public discussions of the Cycling Concept took place, to take position and vision of the community into account. The first stage of public discussions started on 7th of October 2016.


What’s next?

The Kyiv Cycling Concept is to be approved by the Kyiv City Council and must become an integral part of the Kyiv Sustainable Mobility Plan.
The Concept’s measures will also be included in the Kyiv Master Plan, the Integrated Transportation Scheme, the detailed plans of neighborhoods, and into other planning documents.

To receive the financial support from the city budget, the Cycling Concept should become a basis for the future Municipal program on the Cycling Development. Also, it should be counted into the Kyiv Socioeconomic Development Program 2018-2025, and to the projects of streets’ and highways’ reconstruction.

‘The solutions covered in the Cycling Concept should force the necessary procedures and organizational measures’, informs the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture, which ordered the Cycling Concept development.


Authors of the Cycling Concept

The communal company ‘Kyiv Center of Urban Development’ is the main developer of the Kyiv Cycling Concept. NGOs Kyiv Cyclists’ Association and Urban Curators, German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), ‘A+S Ukraine’, LLC, Center for the Community Research, NGO, and Kyiv Invest Agency actively supported the main developer in this work.

The news was translated by Iryna Bondarenko

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