The Kyiv City Council approved the Kyiv Development Strategy until 2025, which consolidates new priorities for transport policy and mobility in the city.

Kyiv Cyclists’ Association is one of the key developers of the transport block in the Kyiv Development Strategy until 2025. The section on transport policy has undergone crucial revolutionary changes in comparison with the previous version.

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The role of cycling in the Strategy

Сycling development is included into three out of four goals of the Strategy. The latter implies:
• Motorization level restriction through increased comfort and popularity of public transport and use of cycling for daily commuting;
• Efficient use of street space: turning lanes at crossroads, narrowing of road ways, arrangement of dedicated and separated lanes of public transport and cycling paths;
• Creation of mixed motor and cycling zones with reduced speeds (especially for narrow streets with high crossing density);
• A separate block for the development and promotion of cycling: a cycling paths network, bicycle parking places, introduction of a bike-sharing system, and considering cycling in the streets reconstruction.

The section “Transport and Urban Mobility” of the Strategy can be found in the Kyiv Development Strategy 2025 (p.58).


A large team worked on the transport section: male and female representatives of the Transport Infrastructure Department, transport model developers, NGOs and others. Kyiv Cyclists’ Association was among the key developers of the new text and advocated changing of the approaches to planning Kyiv’s transport system.

You can read more about the changes made to the transport part of the Kyiv Development Strategy 2025 on the column of Ksenia Semenova, the coordinator of Kyiv’s work at NGO Kyiv Cyclists’ Association and advisor to the Kyiv City Mayor on cycling infrastructure development.

The news was translated by Bogdan Derkach

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