On July 15 participants were invited to listen to jazz near Kyiv Opera House at the start of Kyiv Girls Ride. Then the hundreds of girls rode by bikes around the city and have a picnic at Peyzazhna Alley near Ukrainian Historical Museum between.

Every year Kyiv citizens start cycling more and more, but there are still very few women among them, not more than 15%. That is why a stereotypical cyclist in Kyiv is a man in cycling or sportswear. Kyiv Girls Ride is an opportunity for girls and women of all ages to ride on the road together to show girls power on wheels and encourage more women to ride in Kyiv on a daily basis. Kyiv Girls Ride offers to ride Kyiv safely and comfortably.

Why Girls Ride?

‘We want to make female cyclists more visible and help to begin cycling to those who haven’t started yet. You define your style, not your bike. So, with joy, we invite everybody to our Kyiv Girls Ride 2017! Atmospheric jazz is waiting for you at the start. Afterwards, we will begin our cycling cruise through the streets of the city. At the finish point we will enjoy the summer and a picnic on the Peizazhna Alley’, says Anastasia Makarenko, Director of the of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association.

Why #KyivCycleChic?

The style of bike parade is CycleChic. Girls Bike Ride demonstrates every year main rule of cycling chic style: daily cycling trips in Kyiv are possible in casual and smart clothes for every taste and any occasion.

​CycleChic, a common cycling style in Europe and around the world, it emphasises on “regular” cycling – people using regular bikes (city bikes) – as opposed to cycling sport with sports bikes and sporty outfit. CycleChic is a movement made to rethink a bicycle as a transport, effective, practical, and making our lives easier.

All photos by Olga Tucha

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