The video installation about Cycling Kyiv was presented at the international architectural festival CANactions 2017.

Світлина від Асоціація велосипедистів Києва.

Margo Didichenko for CANactions

The weekly workshop Cycling Cities: Kyiv was held in Kyiv at the late May by School for Urban Studies CANactions with support of Kyiv Cyclist’s Association. It was under the guidance of Dutch director and architect Jord den Hollander.

Світлина від Vadym Denysenko.

The 3-minute video films of the curator and participants of the workshop were presented at CANactions 2017. The film about Kyiv of Jord den Hollander is not available oline. The video of the participants you can find here on YouTube.


інші цікаві матеріали

This year, Kyiv Cyclists’ Association has been offering a wide range of events in the capital city of Kyiv during the whole European Mobility Week,

On July 15 participants were invited to listen to jazz near Kyiv Opera House at the start of Kyiv Girls Ride. Then the hundreds of

On April 25 Kyiv joined a Bike2Work Day organised by Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK). The flash mob aimed at the promotion of urban cycling. Ulyana