NGO Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK) released a report on activities in 2016.

The report contains a description of AVK in Kyiv and the national level. The report also highlights the cooperation with partners, other NGOs, volunteers, and businesses.

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Kyiv Cyclists’ Association considers as a win the increasing number of cyclists in Kyiv by 10%. The first cycling route in Kyiv linked the neighborhood of Troieschyna with the center of the city. In 2016, new cycling paths were built on several streets, and we discovered the increased number of cyclists on this cycling route during our last counting of cyclists in autumn. It means that cycling infrastructure in Kyiv is in demand.

Kyiv Cyclists’ Association was one of the key developers of the transport unit in the revised draft of Kyiv Development Strategy 2025, which has revolutionary and quality changes compared to the previous version.

In 2016, AVK held three days of Bike to Work, Girls’ Ride, Cycling-friendly office Contest, Bike Mentors Program (free lessons were held in different parts of Kyiv on Sundays), master classes of bike service, and city bike tours. In autumn, Kyiv Cyclists’ Association joined the celebration of the European Mobility Week by organizing a series of events ‘Car-free Days’.

On Saturday, July 9, more than 300 girls participating in Girls’ Ride traveled in Kyiv by two different routes from the National Opera to Trukhaniv island.

In spring 2016, we established an art propaganda campaign called “Pedal Your Bike, Kyiv” and started community meetings of the same name. At these meetings, we inspired people to go cycling through stories about traveling on bikes and interesting lectures about urban culture.

National wins of AVK

The Kyiv Cyclists’ Association coordinated the process of implementing changes to street design standards, which would require cities to design and build streets more suitable for cyclists. AVK joined the campaign, “For Safe Roads,” aimed at strengthening motorists’ responsibility for speeding and reducing non-fines for cars exceeding 20 km/h.

AVK initiated a Ukrainian cycling network, which brings together cycling organizations from different cities. Veloforum 2016 was held in Kharkiv and gathered more than 100 representatives of executive authorities, engineers, experts and students from Ukraine and the European Union.

In 2016, AVK helped activists from East Ukraine implement their 12-point advocacy campaign in “Cities for People.” Thanks to the support of USAID, the activists achieved positive changes in quality of cycling and public transport, improving the safety of roads and streets, and creating pedestrian zones in six cities.

In the same year, the Kyiv Cyclists’ Association was recognized at the European level when the coordinator of AVK in Kyiv, Ksenia Semenova, was elected first vice-president of the European Cyclists’ Federation.

Old and new friends

Last year, the Kyiv Cyclists’ Association intensified cooperation with volunteers, businesses and other NGOs. AVK began to cooperate with the NGO, Motohelp, which helps cyclists in accidents. In 2016, we set up the position of coordinator to help cyclists injured in accidents. The coordinator formed a rapid response team of volunteers.

The Kyiv Cyclists’ Association thanks everyone for their support in strengthening the cycling movement. Together, we continue to promote cycling victories in Kyiv and make the city more convenient and comfortable to live in. Join us!

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