Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 11 cities of Ukraine united in Ukrainian Cycling Network, which was presented at Veloforum 2016 in Kharkiv.

Ukrainian Cycling Network is an association of local non-governmental organizations. It will advocate cycling transport and change the conditions for the development of cycling infrastructure on the national level.

Ukrainian Cycling Network was joined by Dnipro (Dnipro Cyclists’ Association), Kyiv (Kyiv Cyclists’ Association), Kryvij Rig ( ‘Velokryvbas’), Lviv (Lviv Cyclists’ Association), Mykolaiv (Alter-Sport), Odesa (VeloVector, Urban Inst.), Pavlograd (Pavlograd Cyclists’ Association), Poltava (CITI LAB), Kharkiv (Urban Reforms), Cherkasy (Cherkasy Cyclists’ Assosiation), Chernivtsi (Chernivtsi Regional Non-governmental Organization ‘Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development’).

Veloforum 2016 in Ukraine

Before the end of 2017 the Ukrainian Cycling Network has three main objectives:

1.       Creation of a national strategy for the development of bicycle transport in Ukraine

Today the question of bicycle transport is not included in any national strategy document, not only in transport but also environmental and infrastructure strategies. ‘Unfortunately, in most cities initiatives still do not rise from bottom to the top, as it should have been and come ‘from above’. That’s why national strategy is very important. When it will appear, it will be the instruction for an each city to begin work in cycling direction. Moreover, the strategy means some funding for the implementation of important projects,’ the head of Ukrainian Cycling Network Tatiana Lebuhorska, coordinator of the program ‘Sustainable development’ of Bukovinian Agency for Regional Development (Chernivtsi) explained.

2.       Change of the speed limits on Ukrainian roads: canceling of no-penalization permission for speeding on 20 km/h and reducing speed in populated localities to 50 km/h

‘50 km/h + 19 km/h without penalties is 79 km/h, which is lethal, it is the speed when a driver not always has time to take actions. This rule was written when the radars could not accurately measure the speed of a moving objects. Elon Musk put a rocket on a floating platform, why radars still have to be wrong on 20 km/h?’ Vadym Denysenko said, coordinator of the national projects in Kyiv Cyclists’ Association.

3.       Upgrade  of the State Construction Standards (SCS)

“Streets that can be designed in Ukraine according to State Construction Standards are very wide as well as the traffic lanes, distances from sidewalk to driveway are huge. This mania for giants is the root of evil for designers of cycling infrastructure. Meanwhile, experience of EU countries shows that traffic lanes can be painlessly reduced. Now the second edition of SCS is coming and we can make changes,’ Vadym Denysenko said.

Ukrainian Cycling Network

Members of the Ukrainian Cycling Network can be registered non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and informal initiatives that deal with the development of bicycle transport in their cities. Associated Members can be commercial organizations, government agencies, scientific institutions which are interested in the development of cycling.

Memorandum of Cooperation:

Application for entry:

Organizational process of unification of Ukrainian Cycling Network extends over 2016, but the founding meeting and presentation of coalition of the organizations were held on Veloforum 2016.

For reference: Veloforum has gathered more than 100 activists and experts from 6 countries in Ukraine

European Union and Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Office in Ukraine US Agency of International Development and German Russian Exchange (DRA)

Veloforum is funded by European Union, Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Office in Ukraine, US Agency of International Development and German Russian Exchange (DRA).


Translated by Olexandra Dryga, a volunteer of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association

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