The results of cyclists count, held by Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (AVK), showed a positive dynamics of cyclists’ number comparing with the data obtained in autumn 2015. Over the year it has increased by 10%.

In 2016 Kyiv Cyclists’ Association continued to count number of cyclists in the capital of Ukraine. The counting allowed to reveal a dynamics of cyclists’ number in 2016 comparing to 2015 year. It also shows the main areas where the cyclists most likely to ride, whether they wear helmets, how many of them ride the sidewalks, which clothes they are wearing while riding and how many women among them.

cyclists in Kyiv

The quantity and dynamics

In 2015, in the autumn weekday during 2 evening hours we registered 2,069 cyclists at the 19 intersections in Kyiv.  In 2016 their number raised up to 2241 (excluding the intersection of Balzac/Dreiser Streets, where the counting was not realized in 2015). Calculations were carried out under the same weather conditions (temperatures of the day calculating were +20-27 during the daytime counting in 2015 and +20-26 in 2016).

AVK registered more cyclists during the weekday (2437), comparing with weekend (2194). ‘It may indicate that the residents of Kyiv actively use bike as transport during the weekdays (11% more than at the weekend). We consider it is a victory!’ said Daryna Pyrogova, sociologist and one of the cyclist’s counting coordinators.

Comparing the data of the counting in the autumn of 2016 and the results of the counting in spring and summer of the same year, the number of cyclists has also increased by 10%.

In May and June 2016 on a weekday evening during 2 hours we registered 2,224 cyclists at the 20 intersections in Kyiv, and in September the number raised up to 2437.

cyclists in Kyiv

Gender ratio

In autumn weekday there were 12% of women and 88% of men registered among the cyclists passed by the points of counting. Comparing to the results of spring 2016 counting, the number of women riding bicycle on the weekend, slightly increased (18% in spring and 20% in the autumn). In contrast, the number of female cyclists riding on the weekday declined from 14% in spring to 12% in the autumn. In September, the largest number of women were registered on Moskovskyi and Pishohidnyi bridges.

Riding on sidewalks

The counting revealed that in September 2016 on the weekday 46% of cyclists were riding on the road, while 54% prefered the sidewalk. At the weekend proportion considerably varied: 35% were riding on the road and 65% on the sidewalk.

Overall, in 2016 the share of cyclists moving along the sidewalk on weekends increased. It may be caused by the fact that not all cyclists feel safe on the road. Also, on weekends there are less pedestrians on the sidewalks, so a ride there is more comfortable. This fact gives to cyclists an opportunity to get safely from point A to point B.

Like in the 2015, the most intense traffic on the sidewalk was registered at Moscovskyi bridge, Haberezhne highway, Paton bridge and Balzac Street.

cyclists in Kyiv

Helmets and clothing

In the autumn 2016, only 23% of cyclists riding on the weekend and weekdays were in helmets. The largest number of cyclists in the helmets was registered on Moscovskyi and Pishohidnyi bridges and on Volodymyrskyi descent. Comparing with the situation in 2015, the average number of cyclists riding in the helmets did not change (22% of cyclists wore a helmet on the weekend and 25% on a weekday).

The most Kyiv cyclists were riding mountain bikes (MTB), but a greater number of people riding road and city bikes were registered in the autumn. According to volunteers’ observations, only nearly 15-20% of cyclists were wearing special clothes, the rest prefered sport or casual style.

cyclists in Kyiv

Most popular destinations

On weekdays and weekends the greatest number of cyclists was registered on Moscovskyi bridge, Pishohidnyi bridge, Yevropeyska square, the intersection of Draizer and Saburov Streets with Balzac Street. The smallest number of cyclists rode by the intersection of Malevich and Konovalets Street and intersection of Saksaganskyi Street and Leo Tolstoy square

the European area and intersection of Dreiser Saburova Street and Balzac. The less cyclists rode at the intersection of Malevich and Konovalets Streets, Saksagansky and Leo Tolstoy Streets and by the Slavy Square.

The points of counting

In autumn 2016 the counting was held at the 20 intersections. In 2014 there were 19 intersections involved, and in 2015 we added another one (of Balzac and Dreiser Streets) as the construction of bike lanes from Troyeschina to the city center was finished and AVK decided to add this point to the counting map. We want to monitor the dynamics of the number of cyclists in a place with the appropriate infrastructure for cyclists. In autumn 2016 it was decided to replace two less busy intersections with the new ones – the intersection of Saburova and Dreiser Streets, where the second stage of Troyeschina-City center bike route construction is planned to be held, and the intersection of Marshal Timoshenko Street and Geroyiv Stalindrada Prospect in Obolon district, that is considered to be a part of one of the priority routes, according to the bicycle chain developed by AVK.

counting of cyclists in Kyiv

Concerning the other points, there were chosen the traditionally popular points of entry into the city center from all main roads to reach the largest possible number of cyclists in the time when they were commuting to work or vice versa. There are several points of counting at the entrances to the parks (eg, Holosiivskyi Park of Friendship of Peoples, etc.).

The period of counting

In 2016 there were two countings of cyclists: in spring (May / June) and autumn (September), at the weekday and weekend. The counting was held during the rush hours: from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the weekend (Saturday) and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the weekday (Wednesday) in the spring, summer and autumn.

counting of cyclists in Kyiv

Conditions of counting: September 2016

The days of counting were chosen relying on the good weather conditions. In general, the weather during weekday and weekend counting was similar: sunny, cloudless, without rain, temperatures varying from +20 to +26 °C.

For reference: in 2015 the number of cyclists in Kyiv has increased by 10% on weekdays and 33% on weekends.

Translated by Valeriia Radchenko, a volunteer of Kyiv Cyclists’ Association

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